Catalfumo Companies Corporate Offices Artist Rendering
Artist’s Rendering of Proposed Catalfumo Companies’ Corporate Offices Renovation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

PALM BEACH GARDENS – April 19, 2021 – Catalfumo Companies unveils artist’s rendering to showcase the renovations planned for the existing corporate headquarters located on the campus of PGA Station in Palm Beach Gardens.

PGA Station originally started out with a Mediterranean architectural style; however, has since updated its plans for a sleeker contemporary style community. Renovations have begun or are in process for the existing buildings to update to the new sleek contemporary look. The renovations for the Catalfumo Companies’ corporate office building has begun and is anticipated to be completed by first quarter in 2022.

Once the renovations are complete for Catalfumo’s building, the remaining office space will be available for lease. With its new look and appeal, as well as its ideal location, the space will be in high demand once it hits the market.

About Catalfumo Companies

Catalfumo Companies was founded in 1978 by Daniel S. Catalfumo on the core values of integrity and service. Today, Catalfumo thrives as one of the largest family-owned and operated commercial real estate development firms in the South Florida region. Because of their strong values and unique approach to the industry, Catalfumo clients see them as more than just commercial real estate professionals. For more information, visit them at

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